About Me

I specialize in training singers and children alike on vocalization and proper techniques of singing. I work on a regular basis with some of the well known singers for their breathing and vocal chords development.

My other main interest is working with young children and helping in engaging them in the beauty of music. I have been teaching children the piano for over 25 years, and throughout this time I have discovered the magnificent talents of a great number of children that are now playing both professionally and for their own pleasure.


We are Professional in moving and transporting pianos:

Piano moving is a specialized service, and should never be trusted to an amateur mover, or a furniture moving company, etc… Even though sometimes the cost of using a furniture moving company is lower than that of a piano moving company, the damage to the instrument that can result from improper packaging or securing in the truck may be very expensive to repair, if at all fixable. While upright pianos typically need no disassembly; baby grand, grand, and concert grand pianos must be carefully taken off their legs, wrapped in blankets, and placed on a skid board or piano board.

Will The piano require tuning after it has been moved?

Even if a piano has been moved a very short distance, and done very carefully, it may need tuning. The important thing to consider , is the change of environment that occurs when a piano is moved. Certainly, if the move is from one city to another or across town, the environment with its unique level of temperature and humidity ranges will affect the pianos tuning. By the way, it is best to let a piano “sit” for at least 2 weeks in its new location before it is tuned, to allow it to adjust to the new environment.

Selling And Rental

The Piano Buying Process :

Choosing just the right grand or baby grand piano for your home can be one of life’s real pleasures – and our goal is to see that it is. Out of experience, we have realized that customers who are willing to spend a little time at the beginning of the process will have the best chance of owning the instrument most suited to their needs. It is our pleasure to offer you a wide selection of top quality German piano brands both grand and upright for your choice. We also provide consultation as to which type of piano is more suited to your home and usage.

Selling Your Piano ?

We are always on the lookout for good quality grand and baby grand pianos for our piano restoration business. We are especially interested in German made . We also provide assistance in moving your pianos anywhere in Egypt in a professional and safe way.

We Rent Pianos:

If you are interested in renting a piano for any length of time, we have a variety of models available in our photo gallery for you to choose from.


Can anyone sing without vocal training?

Many people are gifted with natural singing ability, but whether you want to become a professional entertainer, a casual performer, or sing for fun, it is important to learn how protect your best asset and to increase it's potential.

Our philosophy, is to encourage the student to explore as many techniques as possible, to discover methods that best suit the individuals personality and voice.

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